3 Pint Jug - White With Blue Rim



The classic 3 Pint Jug from Falcon, ideal for serving chilled drinks or table water. Tall and slender, the jug is also perfect as a vase for floral displays.

  • 23 cm tall
  • 1704 ml
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Care: Avoid using abrasive sponges or brushes as this may scratch the surface. May chip if dropped revealing the steel beneath it. When this happens the steel below naturally oxidises and the enamelware remains safe to use as well as adding character. 


Originally manufactured in the Black Country area near Birmingham, Joe Kleiner & Sons created the original enamelware brand - creating a classic with its distinctively ice-white and blue rim design that is still instantly recognisable to this day. As well as timeless style and design, Falcon Enamelware has enduring strength - porcelain fused onto heavy-gauge steel allows for many qualities: durability, smoothness and chemical-resistance and resilience.