Expedition 4 Compass



From Silva, the Expedition 4 is a base plate compass with measuring markers along each edge and a magnifying lens for advanced use.

With adjustable housing making it easy to use, with needle coloured in the classic and Silva patented red and white for simple and quick direction judgement. Designed in Sweden with Nordic conditions in mind, the Expedition 4 is the perfect compass for hiking and map use.

  • Luminous markings for navigation in the dark
  • Magnifying lens
  • Large and easy to grip
  • Stencil holes for accurate placement
  • Red and white classic needle


    Known for the unsurpassed accuracy of their compasses, Silva has been an essential among compass users since its founding by orienteer Björn Kjellström in 1946. Today, Silva offers compass designs ranging from beginner models to those for the experienced outdoor professional.