Men's Cronin Pant - Moonshadow



From Arc'teryx, trousers that suit daily life and still deliver comfort and performance when you’re splitting wood or clearing brush, loading up at the farmers market, or hanging with friends in town. With a relaxed fit and classic five-pocket styling, the Cronin Pant combines the ease of jeans with the ruggedness of technical canvas.

  • Material: 7.9 oz cotton, burly canvas - 67% cotton, 33% nylon
  • Weight: 545 g / 1 lb 3.2 oz
  • Fit: Regular Fit,  32” Inseam
  • Manufacturing Facility: Youngone (CEPZ) Ltd., Bangladesh


    Originally founded as Rock Solid Manufacturing by David Lane in 1981, In 1990 Lane brought Jeremy Guard, a fellow climber, into the fold and in 1991 they renamed the company Arc’teryx - a nod to the Archaeopteryx lithographica, the first reptile to develop feathers for flight - the first bird - and the brand’s instantly recognisable logo is a depiction of the Berlin specimen of the Archaeopteryx. Their philosophy is guided by the belief that durability is the strongest path to sustainability.