Patron T-Shirt - Black

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From Makia Clothing, this t-shirt has a hand drawn custom print by Norwegian artist and friend of Makia Danny Larsen.

Printed on Pure Waste recycled fabric, the Patron T-shirt saves 2700 litres of fresh clean water in production compared to a regular t-shirt.

  • 85% recycled cotton 15% recycled polyester
  • 180 g/m²
  • Made in India by Pure Waste


        Based in the old workers district Punavuori, in Helsinki, Finland, Makia is a modern, yet old fashioned clothing company that reflects the Finnish tradition of simple straightforward design. Founded in 2001 by a group of friends, with an intention of creating a line of accessible, timeless clothes. Designs reflecting values that the Nordic people have traditionally lived by, and the harsh climate meaning they require their clothes to be hard wearing and highly functional.