Tikka Headlamp - Black



A compact headlamp from Petzl, perfect for proximity lighting and with enough brightness for when you're on the move.

Simple and in a small form, the TIKKA headlamp offers 300 lumen brightness and a wide beam. With a long burn time, it suited for outdoor activities like camping or trekking,and also for daily activities and projects around the house. With a phosphorescent reflector to help you find the unit in the dark, and featuring a red lighting mode to prevent members of a group from blinding each other. The TIKKA is a part of Petzl’s HYBRID headlamp range, meaning that it is also compatible with their CORE rechargeable battery, as well as regular AAA batteries.

Features three lighting modes:

- Proximity
- Movement
- Distance vision

  • Simple to use, thanks to its single button with which to quickly and easily select the lighting mode
  • Red lighting preserves night vision and stealth, and prevents members of a group from blinding each other 
  • Phosphorescent reflector is useful for locating the lamp in the dark 
  • TIKKA is a HYBRID headlamp: it comes with three standard batteries, and is also compatible with the CORE rechargeable battery 
  • Light output: 200 lumens 
  • Weight: 82 g 
  • Beam pattern: Flood
  • Energy: Three AAA/LR03 batteries (included) or CORE rechargeable battery (available as accessory) 
  • Battery compatibility: Alkaline, lithium or Ni-MH rechargeable
  • Certification(s): CE 
  • Watertightness: IP X4 (weather resistant)

    Lighting Colour Lighting Mode Brightness Distance Burn Time
    White Max Autonomy 6 lm 10 m 120 h
    White Standard 100 lm 40 m 9 h
    White Max Power 300 lm 65 m 2 h
    Red Proximity 2 lm 5 m 60 h
    Red Strobe - visible at 700 m 400 h

        The Petzl adventure began with Fernand Petzl's passion for caving, a passion to which he dedicated his talents as a craftsman. Petzl expertise began to grow with the design and crafting of solutions for ascending, descending, belaying and moving about in the dark. In 1970, the first "Fernand Petzl" brand products were produced in a workshop in Saint-Nazaire-Les-Eymes, Isère, France. Since then, the Petzl company, established in 1975, has grown into an international enterprise, all the while preserving its personal feel and the passion that drove Fernand Petzl.