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    V7E - Enduro Spearmint

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     From Mizu, the V7 Wide is a 22oz insulated, wide mouth stainless steel bottle with a steel, screw tight lid. Comes with the Mizu Everyday Filter included.

    When you need an easy-to-stash and carry container equipped for two jobs, the V7 is a perfect fit. Designed with coffee and tea in mind: with a wide opening to drink comfortably from and double walled insulation to keep your drinks hot for up to 12 hours. It also works perfectly as a water cup too, with the food grade stainless making it easy to clean and not taking on flavours between uses - making it a great choice as your go-to traveler when leaving home in the morning.

     The Everyday Filter from Mizu allows you to purify any tap or drinking fountain water, making it safe to drink and killing 99.999% of bacteria. Perfect for being on the move and travelling light.

    An easy drinker coffee cup style lid can also be purchased separately that will fit the V7.

    • 22oz / 625 ml
    • 18/8 food grade stainless steel 


            Founded in 2008 by pro snowboarder Jussi Oksanen to meet his very specific needs. It was while filming for a snowboard film in Alaska in 2008 that Jussi, along with friend and filmmaker, Brad Kremer, realised just how much the trail of single-use plastic water bottles was tarnishing their travels and the environment. Jussi’s search for a reusable bottle that met both his hydration needs and met his aesthetic vision led him to starting Mizu to make a product that could, his passion for a plastic free playground matched only by his passion for creating durable products for like-minded people.

            Mizu currently have a growing number of permanent Water Bars installed at their top retail locations across the US and Canada, allowing them to serve free water to customers. Mizu runs this as a not-for-profit program to “complete the circle”, the only thing better than a good water bottle is an easy place to fill it up!

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