Wooden Kuksa Cup - Classic Design

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by Kero


Kuksas are the traditional Sami design that has become a classic outdoor drinking cup for everyone in northern Scandinavia. Made in Lapland from mountain birch burls, with a bark tanned reindeer leather twirled strap. 

This is the original classic-design  Kuksa, which has a 1.5dl capacity. 

Simply rinse your Kuksa cup in water after use - washing up liquid or dishwashers will damage the natural wood. 

Provenance and Ethics

The Sami are the indigenous people of Scandinavia, these cups are made using their traditional methods. Sami people have been making and using Kuksa cups for thousands of years. They are made from mountain birch burls, which are removed without damaging the tree. The strap is made from bark tanned reindeer leather from freely grazing reindeer in Lapland. Bark tanning gives the leather a natural water repelling effect, and is better for the environment than chromium tanning.