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KAVU was born in Seattle in 1993. Back then, founder Barry Barr was selling the revolutionary Strapcap out of his car. After all these years, they're still stoked by the spirit in which they were founded: buckling down, pitching in, getting their hands dirty, and creating gear they're proud to wear and even prouder to share with you.

KAVU is also an aviation acronym for “clear above visibility unlimited,” when there isn’t a cloud in the sky and you can see to the horizon. That limitless feeling is their guiding philosophy and the attitude they bring to all they do. It means treating every day like it’s special, and then getting out and doing whatever invigorates you and makes you smile. That’s a KAVU Day. 

At KAVU they have a clear spirit to protect the planet and do everything they can as a company to reduce the negative and increase the positive. That means community, socially and environmental. 

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