About Us

The Brokedown Palace was founded in 2012. We started out selling online in a little wooden cabin in our garden on the banks of the River Lea in Hackney. Our logo is that cabin and Brokedown Palace is a Grateful Dead song about being by the waterside.

The River Lea runs through the Lee Valley Nature Reserve which is an incredible wilderness in the heart of the city. The Lee Valley was the inspiration for The Brokedown Palace -  we love living in London and we love the outdoors and we wanted to create a business that encompassed these two things. We also wanted to sell ethical brands who respect people and nature. 

We now have two shops in Shoreditch and Spitalfields, and an incredible team, supplying everything you need to live a life in the outdoors. We stock brands who provide long-lasting, quality products that will never let you down - whether you’re in the city or the wilderness.

- Dee Dee and Ian 

Boxpark Shop Interior