Gear Tie 24 inch - 2 Pack - Black



The patented Gear Tie Original is the most versatile way to wrap, hang, and organise absolutely anything. Featuring a strong bendable wire interior that holds its shape, all wrapped in a durable rubber exterior - the Gear Tie can be twisted, tied, secured and reused over and over.

The 24" Nite Ize Gear Tie is the great organiser for bigger unwieldy items.  Keep your jumper cables, extension cords, dog leashes, and larger electric cords neat and untangled with a quick simple twist.  Organise major appliance and electronic cords, roll and wrap that yoga mat, keep your skis and skates together, and latch it onto bigger tools. It's tough enough to hang a full can of paint from the side of a ladder, a heavy lantern from a beam or tree branch.

  • Waterproof and safe for use in fresh or salt water without damage
  • UV resistant - will not be damaged or destroyed by extended sun exposure
  • Won't scratch or mark
  • Made in the USA
  • Pack size: 2
  • Dimensions: 24.00" x 0.40" x 0.40" / 609.60mm x 35.57mm x 10.34mm
  • Weight: 0.95oz / 27.00g


    In 1989, a mountain cabin in Boulder, Colorado, Nite Ize was born. Rick Case received his first order for 42,000 Headbands. 21 years later Nite Ize continues to expand with a large manufacturing facility and corporate offices. Case remarked recently, "You have to be passionate, have faith in what you are doing, and be persistent."

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