Gothic Glove - Black

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Lightweight and touch screen compatible merino wool gloves from Arc'teryx - designed for use as a standalone or a liner. Made with soft, warm merino wool, and with a next-to-skin fit, the Gothic Glove is an excellent insulating liner but also functions well on its own.

Worn under a shell, the Gothic Gloves provide warmth, naturally resists odours and insulate even if wet. Light and easy to pack or stow in a pocket. Sensors on the thumb and forefinger enable use of smartphones, tablets, GPS and other touch screen digital tools. Contains wool certified to the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS): RWS is a voluntary program that helps sheep farmers meet consumer, retailer, and brand demands - the standard certifies they meet rigorous animal welfare and land management requirements.

  • Material 01: Mountain Merino Wool - 94.5% merino wool, 4.5% elastane
  • Material 02: PU touchscreen sensitive pads
  • Manufacturing Facility: HUNG WAY CO., LTD (Palace)


            Originally founded as Rock Solid Manufacturing by David Lane in 1981, In 1990 Lane brought Jeremy Guard, a fellow climber, into the fold and in 1991 they renamed the company Arc’teryx - a nod to the Archaeopteryx lithographica, the first reptile to develop feathers for flight - the first bird - and the brand’s instantly recognisable logo is a depiction of the Berlin specimen of the Archaeopteryx. Their philosophy is guided by the belief that durability is the strongest path to sustainability.