Bungee Clothesline - 1.8 metre

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A unique an innovative design makes the Bungee Clothesline perfect for camping and packing, reducing your carry by eliminating the need for clothes pegs or a bulky frame.

Lightweight and convenient, simply feed a bit of fabric between the two twisted strands of the Bungee Clothesline - the tension of the twist will hold clothes in place to dry. A common site on walking trails and the camp sites of the American National Parks.

  • Unstretched length: 1.8 m (6 feet)


For over 60 years, Coghlan’s have been designing and offering products to make the outdoors accessible and fun. Norm Coghlan founded Coghlan’s Ltd. with the Camp Stove Toaster, establishing the foundation for what would become the largest single brand of camping accessories in the world. Today, tradition holds true. The Camp Stove Toaster is still in the product line - but now alongside over 500 accessories that make being in the outdoors more enjoyable.