Rambler 36oz Bottle - Black

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The Rambler 36 oz Bottle from YETI is designed for a life in the wild. Built for scorching days on the ranch and keeping you hydrated through rugged terrain - it's perfect for keeping your drinks icy cold or perfectly hot.

With a quick twist, the TripleHaul handle comes off, exposing the shatter-resistant, dishwasher safe spout that allows for controlled gulps when on the move. When it's time for a wash or refill, remove the entire cap to expose the bottle's wide mouth.

  • Capacity:  1.1 litre / 36 US fl oz
  • Empty Weight: 621g
  • 18/8 Stainless Steel: Made with kitchen-grade stainless steel, puncture and rust-resistant
  • Care: Dishwasher Safe
  • No Sweat Design: Prevents condensation, keeping hands dry
  • Duracoat Colour: Built for the wild, this colour won’t peel or crack


In 2006, YETI Coolers was founded with a simple mission: build the cooler they’d use every day if it existed. One that was built for the serious outdoor enthusiast. Today, YETI products perform when it matters most - designed to survive an excursion into remote wilderness, but as functional and at home on a camping trip or back garden hang out with friends.