Tenacious Tape & Repair Tape - 50 x 7.6 cm


Tenacious Tape is the go to for repairing kit and equipment, whether in the field or in preparation for your next trip. With super-aggressive stick and clean adhesive technology Tenacious Tape is the industry choice for repairs.

A combination of real tent fabric and high-strength adhesive, Tenacious Tape makes fast, permanent repairs. Clean adhesive technology allows Tenacious Tape to be removed without leaving something like duct tape’s ugly gluey mess. Super versatile and applicable to many situations, works on nylon, vinyl, netting, plastic and breathable fabrics.

  • Super-aggressive adhesive for long lasting repairs
  • Clean adhesive technology – leaves no sticky, ugly residue
  • Made from the same fabric as high-quality tents
  • Lightweight and compact – easy to carry in the field or add to your repair kit at home
  • Clear, nearly invisible adhesive
  • Includes one 7.6 cm x 50 cm strip of tape, 375 sq. cm


Clean and dry area to be repaired. Trim loose threads. Join torn edges of material. For smaller repairs, cut tape for appropriate size, allowing overlap of repair of at least 25mm in all directions. Round the edges of tape for best adhesion. Remove paper backing and apply to damaged area over hard, flat surface. May be applied to outside surface or inside surface depending upon cosmetic preference, or both sides for the highest performance repair. After applying, rub with pressure using circular motion from center out. Item may be used immediately. Adhesive reaches full strength in 24 hours.

Provenance & Ethics

McNett are the European arm of American brand GEAR AID. They started fixing gear in 1981 when SCUBA divers realised that Aquaseal was stronger than the material of their wetsuits. They now produce an extensive line of sealants, repair tapes, water repellents and cleaners all designed to get more people outdoors, using their hands and able to repair and fix gear when necessary. They aim to teach people how to keep their well loved and expensive gear in like new condition, increasing its performance, saving money, and consuming less resources in the process - helping you maximise the use of every piece of gear you own.

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