Trail Mini Duo Cook Set

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by MSR


When backpack space is at a premium, this incredibly pack-efficient cook set from MSR is the perfect solution for making hot meals and drinks for two. Made of hard-anodized aluminium, the 1.2 L pot offers enough capacity to boil water for two pouch meals or two generous cups of coffee, the Trail Mini Duo Cook Set nests an 8 oz MSR fuel canister and PocketRocket® 2 stove. Its bowl efficiently adds a second eating or drinking vessel, creating an ultra-space-maximising kit for two backpacking minimalists.

- Ultra-Compact: Efficient nesting design makes room for a PocketRocket 2 stove and an 8 oz MSR fuel canister, creating a complete set that saves precious pack space
- Ultralight: Weighs just 289 g (10.2 oz), keeping pack weight to minimum
- Durable: Lightweight, strong hard-anodized aluminium pot, and polypropylene lid and bowl
- Versatile: Pot’s insulated grip allows it to serve as an eating and drinking vessel; pot lid doubles as a strainer; bowl is hot- and cold-safe
- Set Includes: 1.2 L hard-anodized aluminium pot, 28 oz. bowl*, clear lid* with straining ports, ultralight mini pot lifter, stuff sack

  • Size: 1.3 LTR
  • Weight: 10.19 oz (0.29 kg)
  • Width: 5 in
  • Height: 5.5 in
  • Materials: Aluminum / Plastic
  • Country of Origin: Made in Korea


In 1969, Seattle engineer and lifelong mountaineer Larry Penberthy formed Mountain Safety Research as a one-man crusade dedicated to improving the safety of climbing equipment. The fuel behind Larry's passionate fire was a simple belief that still drives their team today: The idea that better, safer, more reliable equipment is the key to unlocking greater adventures.