Travel Kit w/ Carrying Case

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From Nalgene, a travel kit with leakproof zipper and collection of bottles sized perfectly to be carry-on compliant.

The Travel Kit w/ Carrying Case contains:

  • Carrying case with leakproof zip
  • 4 leakproof bottles with colour-coded caps
  • one cotton swab vial
  • one straight sided jar for pills or thicker gels/lotions


        in 1949 Chemist Emanuel Goldberg developed the first plastic pipette jars, going on to found the Nalge Company, which Goldberg named using his wife's initials: Natalie Levey Goldberg. In the 60s, their labware scientists - who were also big into hiking - took their Nalge laboratory bottles to carry water on backpacking trips, taking advantage of the bottles leak-proof and lightweight qualities.

        In the 70s, the Carry In/Carry Out trend emerged when conservationists began discouraging campers from a common at the time disposal practice of burning or burying cans and glass containers. At that point, Nalge bottles had caught on with the hiking and adventuring subculture giving their then president the idea of marketing their labware products as high-quality hiking and camping essentials. With that, Nalgene Outdoor was born.